This blog was established to help get to the bottom of how the Collins & Bone Partnership reached the very sad situation it is now in, with its partner Liam James Collins having a bankruptcy hearing on 25th January (postponed)15th March 2012 (ditto), and finally bankrupted on 9th May 2012 (case # NEWC 1517 of 2011 BKT 3472187, Newcastle County Court, The Law Courts, The Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 3LA), and David Bone Jnr declared bankrupt on 31st May (case no 100 of 2012 Wigan County Court). The partnership used the following addresses:

25 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2 H9HW, UK

Eastern Villa, Station Rd. North, Forest Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 9AE (owned by Liam Collin's parents, and now up for sale)

There are 3 specific goals of this blog:

• To find out what happened to the 1m+ GBP monies that C&B raised via PNs in late 2009, 2010 & 2011. I am excluding PNs issued to ex-CBS investors, but that said, this blog will be of interest to ex-CBS investors, and there is information that needs to be obtained from this set of investors wrt when PNs were issued to them, and their duration.

• To determine what, if any, criminal charges should be brought against the partners.

• To warn other investors off doing any business with the partners, their equally inept/unscrupulous extended family members, and supportive cohorts.

When you look at the PNs, there are no specific statements on the documents that specify how the monies were to be used - how you believed they were to be used is based on whatever e-mail/phone call foreplay you had beforehand with Liam Collins. That is why it is so important that the following information is collated for this category of C&B investors on an individual basis:

1) What did you believe you were investing in, and what was your basis for believing this?
2) What investment risks were you informed of?
3) What was your understanding of the purpose to which PN monies could be put?
4) What brochures and documents were you furnished with as prt of your due diligence?
5) What due diligence did you do?
This blog is being operated completely separate to Sally & Jasmine's blog (, although we share the common goal of getting to the bottom of this mess in a professional manner. If you don't want to post anything on the blog in person, you can send an e-mail to me at - information conveyed in any such e-mails will only be posted on the blog on your behalf after any editting/your specific consent.

Ewart (The Editor)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

criminal allegations for Official Receiver investigation

The partners wanted everyone to sign 5 year PNs ... they lost that batlle.
The partners wanted to go down the IVA route ... they lost that battle because of the position taken by Mortgage Express, and the expense of setting up an IVA.
The partners claim that they have committed no crimes, that they are just bad businessmen ... if there is any justice in this world, this is another battle that they will loose!

One of the main purposes of this blog was to hold the partners to account, and that includes making them answerable to allegations of criminal activity. Now that the partners have been made personally bankrupt, it is the job of the Official Receiver to investigate all criminal allegations.

Lee Hall is an Insolvency Examiner who works for the Official Receiver and is the current point of contact for dealing with the affairs of Liam Collins. However, it is likely that Liam Collin's file will be assigned to the Official Receivers office in Liverpool in mid-June so that the bankruptcies of both partners can be handled by the same Official Receiver. I have attached below the e-mail exchange I have had with Lee Hall, and I will update this blog entry as and when the assigned Official Receiver is known, along with full contact details.

So, this is a heads-up to investors who wish to lodge allegations of criminal activity to start putting pen to paper/fingers to the keyboard to document the criminal allegations in your particular investment case, along with all the supporting evidence, and be ready to send this into the Official Receiver.

The Editor

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lee.Hall <>
Date: Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 3:57 AM
Subject: RE: Liam James Collins: allegations of criminal activity

Dear <The Editor>,

Thank you for your email regarding the trading activities of Liam James Collins.  I should point out that I am not actually the Official Receiver, I am an Insolvency Examiner who works for the Official Receiver, but I am indeed the current contact dealing with the case of Liam Collins.

The current position with Mr Collins’ bankruptcy is that joint trustees have been appointed do deal with Mr Collin’s assets.  The trustees are David Michael Clements and Adrian Hyde of Chantrey Vellacott DFK, Prospect House, 58 Queens Road, Reading, RG1 4RP – Tel (0118)9524700.  They have been appointed to deal with Mr Collins’ assets but the investigation work will continue to be dealt with by the Official Receiver’s office.

Whilst I am the current contact, the case is about to be transferred to the Official Receiver’s Office in Liverpool so that it can be consolidated with the bankruptcy of David Bone, with whom Mr Collins traded in partnership.  It will be advantageous for both cases to be consolidated so that all of the information can be processed by one Official Receiver’s office.  The allegations to which you have referred will definitely be of interest to the Examiner who deals with the bankruptcies but as yet I cannot provide you with the exact contact details.  I have been asked to ring the Liverpool office on 11th June to discuss the transfer of Mr Collin’s case, so I will know more after that date.  In the meantime, I will try to answer your questions;

  1. There is no prescribed timeframe for the allegations to be lodged, but it would definitely be of benefit to the Examiner to have this information before interviewing Mr Collins and Mr Bone so that those areas of concern could be addressed.
  2. Any correspondence on the case will be available to whoever is dealing with the case at that time.  The transfer of the file will not affect this.
  3. There is no prescribed template for reporting allegations.
  4. I will notify you when the case has been transferred so that you have the up to date contact details to lodge the allegations.
  5. You can send correspondence by letter or email (Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF files are all acceptable) once I have updated you after the transfer of the case.

I hope that I have covered all of your points so far, but if you need anything else from me in the meantime, please call or email me.


Lee Hall
Insolvency Examiner | The Insolvency Service | | Official Receiver's Office, 1st Floor, Pandon Bank, Newcastle, NE1 2JQ | (0191)2604625 |

From: The Editor
Sent: 06 June
To: Lee.Hall

Subject: Liam James Collins: allegations of criminal activity

Hi Lee,

I am an investor, or should I say, dis-investor with the Collins & Bone Partnership, and editor of the blog I understand from Sally George that you are currently the Official Receiver in the case of the personal bankruptcy of Liam James Collins, one of the partners.

A good number of investors have criminal allegations that they wish to levy against the partners, and which need to be investigated by the Official Receiver. I would like to put up an article on the aforementioned blog telling investors the process that needs to be followed to get these allegations formalised with the OR. If polling of investors for allegations of criminal activity is something that you will automatically do as part of your activities once you have the contact details of all of the investors, then of course I do not need to do this. Otherwise, can you please answer the following questions and supply any other information that might be useful to investors wrt formalising their allegations:

  • in what timeframe should allegations be lodged with the OR?
  • if allegations are sent to you, will these automatically to be tagged to the case file even if the OR dealing with the case subsequently changes/has changed?
  • is there a particular template that needs to be followed for reporting allegations?
  • to where/whom should the allegations be sent?
  • what media formats are acceptable for reporting allegations?
The Editor

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